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While likes on Instagram give everyone the warm fuzzies, we realize the expense of significant travel is not something to be taken lightly. Our initial goals for the year were to purchase a house, and after looking into what our priorities are, delayed that goal to achieve the Patagonia goal. While we are fully committed currently to saving as much as possible, leaving with minimal debt and an account for trip funding.

Trip Budget

Preliminary budgeting puts the total cost around $25k USD for 9 months, this includes food, fuel, visas, Darien gap shipping and more.Estimates for the vehicle around $20k, with the build (including solar, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, lifestyle) coming in around $10k on top of that. Sale of the Tacoma will free up roughly 17k, leaving a possible 13k expenses before preparing to leave.

Our final actual spend for Alaska came in 7% over our preliminary budget (4.9k vs 5.3k), so we feel quite comfortable with our estimates.


We are early in our planning stages, so building commercial proposals is not yet our focus. Once we can provide more value we will have more to offer, but for now it is bettering ourselves and our plan. Always open to talk though!

“Everything we wanted and more.”