What’s life about?

In December of 2018, the two of us discussed what we wanted for our future and the plans we were making to work towards a common goal. With friends building families, and the discussion of buying a house, it seemed we were destined to settle down. Leah however, had a different plan. After the success of the Alaska expedition, she proposed setting our sights on much larger goals: The entirety of the Americas via vehicle.


Current Planning Phase


  • Ultimate goal is as far south as possible

  • Explore US National Parks

  • Baja

  • West side of South America


  • Looking to go for 6-12 months

  • According to Desk to Glory ~25k for 2 people

  • Leave with no debt and roughly that in savings


  • Have yet to solidify plans

  • Possible build conversion van

    • Sell Tacoma

  • Organizing finances to make this happen


  • Estimated for Jan 1, 2020

  • Very flexible at this point

  • Only real lead items are visas and Darien Gap


Actively seeking sponsorship in any scale.

  1. Top preference will be capital during the trip, and leading up to it

  2. Secondary is gear-related. If we can build the van for near zero cost that would accelerate our plans significantly

  3. Any other products or services we can help promote (clothes, camping gear, locations, etc)