Mid-August Update


Base Coat Applied

As we expected, everything seems to take longer than we want with both of us working full time jobs and getting out and playing (we took a climbing course this weekend, and have been continuing to lead healthy lifestyles).

That being said, progress has been made! The floor is fully painted white (2 coats primer, 2 coats white, 1 coat clear). The rear doors are in progress of being painted white. The sound deadening is on the floor and driver wall. Passenger wall, rear doors, and roof to be done. Picked up a glove box and the rear door electrical slides at a wrecker, installed the glove box and made a forum tutorial on it. Slides will wait until the rear doors are painted, and probably the sound deadening will go in first, maybe insulation too.

Link to photos so far: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QD7YLK8FW4M12KVL8