We Actually Did It! The Day We Bought Our Promaster

Well today (June 16) marks the day our trip transitioned from talk to an achievable goal. WE BOUGHT A VAN! The mission to get it was a bit of a kamikaze mission, with Leah allowed 22 hours away from from her job and 12 hours of driving to do. So we set out with a plan, drove into the night to Salmon Arm (beautiful place), slept in the Canadian Tire parking lot for 5 hours, test drove, negotiated, signed on the dotted line, got breakfast, headed home through a beautiful day in the Rocky Mountains. Stopped in at the Siding Cafe in Field, highly recommend that place (get the pulled pork).

Currently the van has been parked and we need to get an out-of-province inspection.

Salmon Arm Map.png