Floor Almost Complete - Early September

End of August finished with us completing the styrofoam on the floor.

Sept 5th we got the plywood cut around the ribs and wheelwells with a jig saw, then adhered with FL300 I think. A bit of sprayfoam to level it out and we’re in business.

Bought a Maxxair 6200k fan, so that’ll be upcoming. But also headed to Holland next week, so that’ll delay that until mid-September

We also need to get running on the roof for the Solar Panels and get the wiring in and through the roof rails before we finish paneling the walls and roof. Not sure what we’re doing for the spray foam in the ribs of the van, as it’s a really big volume. Looking at hiring a guy.


Mid-August Update


Base Coat Applied

As we expected, everything seems to take longer than we want with both of us working full time jobs and getting out and playing (we took a climbing course this weekend, and have been continuing to lead healthy lifestyles).

That being said, progress has been made! The floor is fully painted white (2 coats primer, 2 coats white, 1 coat clear). The rear doors are in progress of being painted white. The sound deadening is on the floor and driver wall. Passenger wall, rear doors, and roof to be done. Picked up a glove box and the rear door electrical slides at a wrecker, installed the glove box and made a forum tutorial on it. Slides will wait until the rear doors are painted, and probably the sound deadening will go in first, maybe insulation too.

Link to photos so far: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QD7YLK8FW4M12KVL8

Day #1 Of Work On The Van

Started to begin with what we think is the most “in our face” issue, getting the interior ready to begin insulation and electrical. The floor is really scratched up from previous owners treating it like garbage, however we’re going to show it love and make it nice again. So I got to cleaning the dust and dirt from the corners, and Leah started sanding.

Things we’re currently looking into:

Body work

Sound deadening


Electrical (mostly just conduit and a rough plan for now)

Rostra 250-9642 Cruise control

Mocking up the interior

Fridges (Dometic CFX 65L)

Undercoating the frame with the oil-based undercoat (not the thick black rubber)

The beginnings of sanding, you can somewhat see the difference left and right

The beginnings of sanding, you can somewhat see the difference left and right

Cutie <3

Cutie <3

Every journey begins with a step

Every journey begins with a step

We Actually Did It! The Day We Bought Our Promaster

Well today (June 16) marks the day our trip transitioned from talk to an achievable goal. WE BOUGHT A VAN! The mission to get it was a bit of a kamikaze mission, with Leah allowed 22 hours away from from her job and 12 hours of driving to do. So we set out with a plan, drove into the night to Salmon Arm (beautiful place), slept in the Canadian Tire parking lot for 5 hours, test drove, negotiated, signed on the dotted line, got breakfast, headed home through a beautiful day in the Rocky Mountains. Stopped in at the Siding Cafe in Field, highly recommend that place (get the pulled pork).

Currently the van has been parked and we need to get an out-of-province inspection.

Salmon Arm Map.png

Looking Into High-Roof Vans

Currently we’re looking into a lot of high-roof vans (Sprinter, Transit, Promaster).

Significant Youtube videos, forum posts, reading books, etc.

One resource I’ve found very handy is https://vandogtraveller.com/van-conversion-book-from-van-to-home/

No affiliation with them, but very in depth and engaging.

Really looked into Canadian vans, might have to start looking stateside.